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Welcome to the front page of my Warhammer FRP (1e) campaign! This campaign uses most of the stock 1st edition rules + Realms of Sorcery, with some added mechanics and items to liven up the game:

- Prismatite: the main new item in this campaign, prismatite is essentially anti-warpstone; it drains Chaos rather than produces it.
- Portals / Portal Mages: These mages are offshoots of the Illusionist class, having specifcally trained in utilizing all 8 winds of magic to create spatial “tunnels” to far-away locations. While these mages usually ignore any proper Battle Magic, they are nevertheless in high demand amongst the wealthier populace.
- Portal Network: As it turns out, specially-infused prismatite can be used for the generation of portals. As such, a network has been designed between the major cities in the Empire, allowing nigh-instantaneous travel to and from the locations.
- And more!

We are already in progress, so I will update various pages as I find more old notes.

The Corruption of Middenheim

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