Coalesced Mana

Whenever a mage casts a spell, there is a chance that spell can backfire. Usually, only homemade or powerful spells have a noticeable chance to do this, although casting outside your color can do this too. On a backfire, the mana from a mage has nowhere to go, thus solidifying into dust. This dust is actually quite useful, as it is pure mana in a physical form.

Coalesced Mana is a light blue powder made as a result of a failed spell, and is a baseline ingredient in any transmutative spell or ritual. Unlike a magic gem, this mana cannot be used in casting, but is used as “conduits” in rituals. The powder slowly dissolves into electricity, giving the dust a static-like feel. For generating the powder, every 5 MP used in the failed spell makes 1 gram of dust.

It also can be used in alchemy, although the mana (usually) must first be mixed in, left to permeate for 1 hour per gram, then filtered out.

Ingesting this powdered mana produces interesting results.

On extremely rare occasions (usually on accident) it is possible to give a non-magic user a temporary pool of magic using this, although re-creating any of the recorded accidents has never gotten the same results reliably.

Coalesced Mana

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