The Evil We Know


With the elements of Chaos closing in, wizards everywhere have been rushing to find possible solutions to saving humanity. At last, the time is nigh. The College Symposium is mere weeks away and every able-bodied wizard is preparing notes and demonstrations. These wizards are not altruistic, however; whichever college produces the best results will no doubt be remembered forever as the heroes and will have the gratitude of many rich families.

Despite this, no gathering goes unnoticed by evil forces, and plans have been set in motion to not only destroy any viable tool against Chaos, but also destroy all the wizards present, thereby removing the last defence humanity has against overwhelming odds. All they have to do is wait…

What Happened

The group, assembling in a medium-sized town, had decided to stick together for the time being. Wanting a little more cash in their pockets, they checked out the “notice board”, and found a note telling of a local wizard. He had gone into a cave a few days ago in an effort to solve a missing person problem, and hadn’t returned yet. The group went to the captain of the guard, who gave the location of the cave. After traveling for a few hours, the group arrived inside, and went to exploring. They ran into a few orcs, which they slaughtered. After more rooms of this, the group stumbled upon a crude jail room. One of the cells had a scrap of wizard’s cloth, but no wizard. The group checked around a little more and found a large meeting area, full of orcs. In the front, tied up and beaten, was the wizard. The supposed leader, standing next to him, was shouting something to the rest, followed by cheers. The orcs ran out of the cave (barely missing the group), and headed toward the town. The group rescued the wizard, but he handed the party a note, telling them to “go in his stead”, before chasing after the orcs.

The note spoke of a College Symposium happening in a few weeks, and the wizard was invited. The group decided to help the town, but as they arrived, they saw the wizard in the middle of them, chanting something before a bright flash claimed both him and the orcs. The group then set out to go to this meeting.

After arriving, the group manages to talk their way in (despite not actually having any mages). They arrive at the symposium shortly before the first assembly. After exploring about for a few hours, the group gets ready to go to the first meeting. However, as none of them are wizards, they are not allowed in. Despite this, the party manages to watch the entire proceedings from a hidden spot.

The Evil We Know

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